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Email Marketing: Customize your emails and get more sales

Posted by Alejandro Durán on 2/12/20 2:41 PM

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Did you know that 74% of marketers point out that personalization increases customer engagement?

Email marketing can be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to increasing sales.

But it happens that most companies don't understand how decisive it is to personalize messages, and without that touch of customization, you could be losing a lot of responses, new customers or new purchases from regular customers.

A study conducted last July revealed that UK Internet users consider personalized messages to be the best motivation to click on a message.

As you can see in the box below, 38.9% of respondents between the ages of 16 and 29 point out that personalization is the second attribute that motivates them most to click.

This percentage grows to 39.6% for the age range 30 to 44 years and 42.9% for 45 to 59 years of age. On average, personalization achieves a 40.2% importance in this study.

This highlights how crucial it is to make recipients feel about their communications, which is talking to them from person to person.

We share below 4 premises you should keep in mind to customize your shipments

1. Customize emails based on a POINT system

In particular, automated messages should work on their own. However, this can be ineffective without a scoring system that defines certain demographic behaviors or characteristics. You can mark your customers as you see fit, but it's best to be descriptive and prefer terms like "qualified to buy," "warm," "hot," "buyer." This allows you to set user profiles.

In other words, a scoring model based on demographics (activity, gender, age, location) and behavior (attended a seminar, bought sporting goods) allows you to determine what each user should receive from their company in terms of email marketing campaigns.

2. Ask the right questions

A simple and effective way to segment your audience and personalize your messages is simply to know how to ask. Something as simple as consulting your customers why they visit their website or what motivated them to sign up for their message sending list can be tremendously valuable.

A wedding specialist website was experiencing a low response to their messages via email. In an attempt to boost their campaigns, they had to first recognize that not everyone was accessing their site for the same reason and yet they were all getting the same message.

They then developed a personalization strategy, simply asking their customers what they were planning, their own wedding, or the wedding of a friend or relative?

According to the type of response, the clients were distributed in two groups, each sent five different messages.

The reaction was surprising. The open rate of this company's shipments increased by 244% and the click rate increased by 161%. It was a short, simple question, but it allowed for a much more personalized message to be drawn up, which evidently had a positive impact on the business.

3. Use custom tags or fields

When you collect contacts through forms, these include various fields that fill with your data who registers, from the most basic ones, such as name, email or gender, to more specific ones that can be very useful in determining profiles.

If your database has been formed through this system, you can then use the information in these fields to customize your submissions. For example, the #name-parameter is populated by the system with the name that the user entered in the corresponding field.

Similarly, you can use as a customization parameter, for example, the name of an event and include it in the subject line of a message, which, coupled with the recipient's name, translates into something like the following:

"John" [Contact Name], we are waiting for you in the "Event XX" [Event Name].

It is possible to customize any type of field that you have in your base, even images.

To do this it is essential to have collected enough personal data when the contact was obtained, but you can always add information as the relationship with your contact matures.

As you move forward with email marketing tactics, start thinking big and set which customization parameters you find relevant at the data level, depending on your needs and according to the nature of your business.

4. Integrate your email marketing tool with your CRM

This is very important for those who handle a large amount of content and especially for companies that offer free downloads such as manuals, courses or other material, in exchange for a name and an email address.

To help make this possible for you to redeem even greater benefits, integrate your email marketing tool with your CRM, so that as soon as someone downloads some content from your site, it immediately goes to the communications automation funnel and becomes a recipient a series of messages prepared according to your profile, behavior, tastes and preferences.

We hope you no longer have the slightest doubt as important as customizing and automating your shipments to increase sales through email marketing.

And you, how can you customize your email marketing campaigns?

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