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Customize your communications by applying static filters

Posted by Alejandro Durán on 2/13/20 11:11 AM

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Gone are the times of one-dimensional messages. Consumers have taken their own path with determination and demand relevant, personalized content and experiences on both virtual and physical channels.

To meet that demand, marketing professionals strive to take advantage of personalization options in their email communications, to make the leap from bulk message to 1-1 experiences that not only meet, but exceed expectations their consumers and differentiate them from the competition.

Therefore, it is no surprise that, when asked to point out what is the most important attribute for marketing of the future, 33% of marketing professionals respond: "customization". Within this universe, 74% say that managing personalized experiences increases customer engagement and increases sales by almost 20%.

This search for marketing professionals to achieve their personalization goals and goals is greatly benefited by the use of dynamic content and data that derive from the way consumers relate to their brand. And, especially if technologies such as MasterBase® are used.

What is email marketing personalization?

Personalization, in the context of email marketing, is the act of directing a campaign via email to a specific subscriber taking advantage of the information that you have about it. They can be data such as your name, the last product you bought, where you live, the number of times you log into your app, to name just a few of a variety of possible data to collect at various points of contact.

This is a broad concept in meanings, which can vary even in levels of sophistication. Basic email marketing customization includes tactics such as using a subscriber's name in the subject line, while more elaborate tactics can change the content of the message based on gender, geographic location, age, or other subscriber features.

Customizing your email marketing campaigns is a proven way to increase your open and click rates, and their impact can be measured in terms of ROI and revenue. In fact, studies have shown that personalized subject messages are 26% more likely to be opened than those with generic and impersonal subject matter, and Rich Relevance concluded that revenue from messages that use personalization is 5.7 times bigger.

This is because a message that appeals to the person is more relevant to subscribers. Instead of receiving a campaign with one-size-fits-all generic offers and messages, the consumer receives a message that challenges them directly, including their name and showing them offers, products, or promotions, that are really of interest to them.

Think about your own preferences and actions. Wouldn't it be more likely to respond to a message that makes sense to you, that points to resolving an express need or desire of yours, rather than a kind offer that has evidently been sent to hundreds, thousands of people?

What can be personalized?

By using professional-level tools like MasterBase®, almost every aspect of your email marketing campaigns can be customized, applying from the simplest to the most advanced tactics.

We will review below some of these tactics so that you can size the wide range of possibilities offered, specifically, by static filters.

Keep in mind that it's possible to start with the simplest and make your way to more sophisticated tactics as you go. The key is to customize small and large scale to add value to your customers' experience.

Static filters allow you to permanently segment your contact base records—without considering conditions in the fields—and group them together in order to send them a message.

In other words, and as it derives from their name, these filters are characterized by being static, that is, they feed on the information available at the time of application and are not automatically updated when that information changes.

One of the factors that boosts personalization through static filters is the interaction of your contacts with your messages

The way clients react to the messages you send them is also a possible segmentation criterion in MasterBase®. If you choose this path, when you configure the static filter you must select a sent message and set as a condition that the filter is applied:

  • To all contacts: The result of applying the filter will be identical to the basis to which you sent the selected message.
  • Based on openings: It will select only those who opened the message or only those who did not.
  • Based on click-tracking: The filter will apply to those who clicked on any link contained in the message, or, if you want to be more specific, on a particular link.
  • Bounce-based: That is, you'll select the email addresses that bounced on that message or, conversely, those that didn't bounce.


The ability for static filters to segment based on the behavior of your contacts, helps you customize the messages you will send them, giving them immediate value. It is the customers who dictate, through their actions, what messages they want to receive, unlike traditional campaigns, in which it is the marketing manager who defines which messages to send.

It's a strategy that broadens the scope of dialogue with your audience and ultimately allows customers to determine when, where, and how often they're willing to receive their communications.

The primary advantage of behavioral personalization is that it allows you to respond to your customers at key moments and provide them with highly contextualized value for a better experience.

Using static filters to their full potential will mark a before and after on the curve of the success of your email marketing campaigns.

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